Have you discovered the snipping tool?

Now, a faster, less-steps-necessary way to “Print Screen”/”Screenshot”. Read more here:

Language Teacher Support

This is a quick post for those teachers who, like me until a few weeks ago, have no idea about the existence of the ‘snipping tool’, a small utility available in Windows Vista onwards. In Mac OS a similar program exists called ‘Grab’.

Teachers often use screenshots to show examples of work, to introduce online learning tools, or to show images. Up until recently using an image from the internet or creating an image from the computer screen involved me taking a screen shot, pasting that screenshot into a paint program, cropping the screen image to select only the part of the image that I wanted, then copying and pasting the new image into its final destination.

Many of you may already know about the ‘snipping tool’. Indeed, it has been around for almost a decade, so I do feel a little silly. Nevertheless, I will risk embarrassment to share this tool with those of…

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