Using Google Drive to Lesson Plan

Google Drive is something I’ve talked endlessly about on this blog, but today I’m going to share with you how we used it at my last school.  This school was located in Guatemala City, and although many Americans might imagine it’s something of a backwater [in some regards, it still is], our school was pretty … Continue reading Using Google Drive to Lesson Plan

Geography: News Show

Students are so different, and excel in very different areas.  One thing I enjoy immensely is designing new and different projects that are not the “same old same old”, because it allows students who don’t traditionally do well, to shine.  One of these projects that I created was a news show that students had to … Continue reading Geography: News Show

G Suite Makes Things Easy!

Google Drive has always allowed for the use of templates--but the template gallery before was an endless repository of not-so-great looking designs that were difficult to sift through.  Now, Google has updated with some professional looking designs for all of its apps: Docs: Sheets: Slides: Forms: Personally I love these new … Continue reading G Suite Makes Things Easy!