‘If This, Then That’ – Fórmula para Automatizar tu Vida

Si no has escuchado de If This, Then That (IFTTT.com) te lo recomiendo.  Este sitio ofrece varias fórmulas para automatizar varias cosas en tu vida.  En tu vida personal, puedes mantenerte al tanto con noticias que te interesan, que te llegan directamente a tu correo.  Pero, ¿cómo te puede servir de maestra o maestro?  ¡De … Continue reading ‘If This, Then That’ – Fórmula para Automatizar tu Vida

If This, Then That: Track #hashtags

I’ve mentioned ‘If This, Then That’ before in a previous post, as the ‘Master of Automation’ but what if we put this master of automation to work in our classrooms?  If This, Then That (IFTTT) is a great tool that allows you to use “applets” that follow the basic logic their name suggests.   One … Continue reading If This, Then That: Track #hashtags

G Suite Makes Things Easy!

Google Drive has always allowed for the use of templates--but the template gallery before was an endless repository of not-so-great looking designs that were difficult to sift through.  Now, Google has updated with some professional looking designs for all of its apps: Docs: docs.google.com/ Sheets: sheets.google.com Slides: slides.google.com Forms: docs.google.com/forms Personally I love these new … Continue reading G Suite Makes Things Easy!