Tired of Lifeless PowerPoints? Here, some alternatives.

Many times after students have mastered a topic or unit, we want them to share this learning with others--their peers, their families, or even the world.  But who wants to watch another boring old slideshow filled with images and text?  Your students surely are just as bored with them as you are of seeing them. … Continue reading Tired of Lifeless PowerPoints? Here, some alternatives.

Business Templates – Professional & Pretty

Whether we like it or not, keeping office is part of our job as teachers.  It’s important to keep organized and know how to make the most of the tools available to make efficient use of time, since there is always so much to do.  One great way is by making use of the templates … Continue reading Business Templates – Professional & Pretty

G Suite Makes Things Easy!

Google Drive has always allowed for the use of templates--but the template gallery before was an endless repository of not-so-great looking designs that were difficult to sift through.  Now, Google has updated with some professional looking designs for all of its apps: Docs: docs.google.com/ Sheets: sheets.google.com Slides: slides.google.com Forms: docs.google.com/forms Personally I love these new … Continue reading G Suite Makes Things Easy!