Feeling Lost with Google Drive?

It doesn’t take long for your Google Drive to turn into one big unmanageable mess, if you aren’t organizing or naming things properly.  But there is a better way!  It starts with a proper naming convention.  When naming folders in your Google Drive, it is best to go from large to small.  What do I … Continue reading Feeling Lost with Google Drive?


Collect Needed Information with Google Forms

One great way for students to collect large(ish) data sets for class use is to have them create a Google Form about something they are studying in class.  This could be technology use, eating habits (for health class), or opinions on a particular topic.  By asking all the students in a given class, section, or … Continue reading Collect Needed Information with Google Forms

G Suite Makes Things Easy!

Google Drive has always allowed for the use of templates--but the template gallery before was an endless repository of not-so-great looking designs that were difficult to sift through.  Now, Google has updated with some professional looking designs for all of its apps: Docs: docs.google.com/ Sheets: sheets.google.com Slides: slides.google.com Forms: docs.google.com/forms Personally I love these new … Continue reading G Suite Makes Things Easy!