More Than Sushi: Learning about Asia

Asia was a particularly fun unit of study for my ninth grade geography students.  In particular, a couple of my girls were big time fans of Japan and Korea and the anime culture found there.  But Asia is of course, more than just anime, and more than just sushi.  Asia includes a rich and dynamic … Continue reading More Than Sushi: Learning about Asia

Classroom Resources – available on Twitter

Besides serving as a platform for sharing resources with your PLN, or with your students, Twitter can be a great source for more than just sharing links to articles.  Tap into the knowledge base that is Twitter, and see how much you and your students can learn! Follow a historical figure - There are many … Continue reading Classroom Resources – available on Twitter

Tech in the Social Studies Classroom: HSTRY

If you’re looking for something to make history come alive, I invite you to check out Hstry --  This tool allows you to create interactive timelines with your students; timelines that include quiz questions to check for understanding, and invite commentary and discussion between students, while integrating video, links and other media to add … Continue reading Tech in the Social Studies Classroom: HSTRY