G Suite Makes Things Easy!

Google Drive has always allowed for the use of templates--but the template gallery before was an endless repository of not-so-great looking designs that were difficult to sift through.  Now, Google has updated with some professional looking designs for all of its apps: Docs: docs.google.com/ Sheets: sheets.google.com Slides: slides.google.com Forms: docs.google.com/forms Personally I love these new … Continue reading G Suite Makes Things Easy!

Tech Resources #2 – Live Binders

What is Live Binders?  This is a fabulous way for you or your students to curate materials into an easily accessible embed-able electronic binder.  Just like a traditional binder, materials can be labeled with tabs, and organized accordingly.  Add resources such as: file uploads, Google Docs, web links, videos, surveys, and presentations.  This is a … Continue reading Tech Resources #2 – Live Binders