Class Blogs: How do I get started?

As previously discussed, class blogs can be of great use in engaging students, and fueling their success in and out of the classroom.  I personally first started using a class blog in 2014 with my Geography students.  I had already tried several blogging platforms for personal use, such as Tumblr, Blogger, and LiveJournal, but while … Continue reading Class Blogs: How do I get started?

Keep Record with Google Sheets

For those who use a reading log in class, a Google Sheet is a great way to keep track of this.  Each student can share their own reading log with the teacher, to be filed in a folder specific to the class and section, or if your class size is small, you could create one … Continue reading Keep Record with Google Sheets

Twitter–improve students’ writing skills?!

Before you go laughing at the idea that social media can improve students’ writing abilities, hear me out.  As mentioned before, small bite sized learning can be valuable--teaching students vocabulary or sharing pithy quotes with them can get them talking.  Twitter can also be used when it comes to… Daily word games - Students provide … Continue reading Twitter–improve students’ writing skills?!