If This, Then That – Master of Automation

If This, Then That is an absolutely fabulous tool that can make so many things much, much easier in your life.  IFTTT.com allows you to create formulas of your own, or choose from one of the thousands already in use.  Here are a few examples I personally use: Mute my Android phone when I arrive … Continue reading If This, Then That – Master of Automation

Build your PLN with Twitter

Although I’ve already mentioned and posted about Twitter and its usefulness when connecting with fellow educators, there are oh so many uses for it.  Some basics of using Twitter and conversing with others: Use @ to tag a Twitter handle, or person in your post, assuring that they will see your “tweet” Use # to … Continue reading Build your PLN with Twitter

Twitter–improve students’ writing skills?!

Before you go laughing at the idea that social media can improve students’ writing abilities, hear me out.  As mentioned before, small bite sized learning can be valuable--teaching students vocabulary or sharing pithy quotes with them can get them talking.  Twitter can also be used when it comes to… Daily word games - Students provide … Continue reading Twitter–improve students’ writing skills?!